“Resolution Compliance were extremely professional and supportive in both the initial process of becoming an Appointed Representative and in their ongoing guidance and support during the period Anorak operated under their umbrella. Their supervision provided us with an understanding of the FCA’s regulations which was invaluable as we went through the process of becoming fully authorised. Their expert team have a wealth of experience and helped us make sense of a seemly challenging process. Would not hesitate to work with them again.”

David Vanek / Anorak

“Since becoming an Appointed Representative of Resolution Compliance we’ve been able to rest assured that our business is compliant, without needing to divert our attention away from growing our business.”

Marcus Taylor / Brokernotes

“We have had a good experience with RCL/ Thistle so far. The onboarding was straightforward, they are diligent in their monitoring which provides us with the peace of mind so we can focus on our core business.”

Daniel Roddick / Ely Place Partners

“We have worked very closely with the team at Resolution Compliance this past year as we have progressed our journey to become an Appointed Representative of RCL. Being an equity crowdfunding platform, it was imperative that MDCrowdFunders chose a partner with a strong track record that could support us and provide us with the requisite regulatory permissions as an Appointed Representative Firm. Resolution have been like a member of our own team and we have now successfully achieved our Appointed Representative status. They have been invaluable.”

Glenn Kenworthy / MDCrowdFunders

“We originally contracted with Resolution Compliance in late 2015 and became authorised as an Appointed Representative in 2016. The team at Resolution handled our FCA application and created a bespoke training package suitable to our business, whilst also helping us to develop the necessary controls and policies in order to allow us to integrate with banks and progress our business plan in a compliant manner.

Since then we have used Resolution Compliance’s services to become directly authorised with the FCA. They helped to advise us through the application process, whilst fine tuning our requirements for our FCA application and equally move into the SMCR in 2019, whilst providing advice on the best way to proceed at all stages.

Being an entrepreneurial company having Resolution Compliance helping us along the way has been invaluable.”

Lee Stretton / Raisin

“Resolution Compliance are a highly valued partner. The pragmatic advice and excellent support we receive is invaluable in supporting the launch and growth of reviti.”

Andy Palfrey / Reviti

“Resolution Compliance are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. In addition, their relationship with Thistle initiatives means they are perfect for companies who are ultimately looking to become directly authorised”

Haaris Ahmed / UOWN

Our company has been using Resolution Compliance since 2016. They have provided us with a great service since on-boarding us, taking us through the journey and always being readily available for advice and support.

Yann Murciano / BLEND

Working with Terry and the team at Resolution was simple. They helped us get set up as an AR, putting in place all the necessary compliance policies, procedures and reporting tools and helping us learn about operating in regulated spaces. They then supported us a great deal throughout our own direct authorisation application – writing, collating and ultimately submitting our documents. They were always kind, understanding of our young and fast-paced business, and reliably on the end of a phone for advice

Rob Abrahams / Carwow

Craven Street Capital
Craven Street Capital is a corporate finance business based in London and has been a client of Resolution Compliance for 5 years. We’ve had a close working relationship with Wayne and the team and they are an integral part of our processes. We have found the Resolution team to be knowledgeable and timely. Moreover, the advice we have received has generally been pragmatic and commercial, which is greatly appreciated.

Soondra Appavoo / Craven Street Capital

“Becoming an AR is an important step in the regulatory journey for Growth Street. While we continue with our application to be a regulated firm in our own right, by acting as an AR of Resolution Compliance we can increase our regulatory experience by working alongside a partner that has one of the strongest track records in an otherwise immature industry.”

James Sherwin-Smith / Growth Street

The Appointed Representative on-boarding process was clear and straightforward. The team at RCL offer a wide range of expertise and have displayed a firm understanding of our regulatory business model. We have been delighted with the services received which have enabled us to expand our regulatory activity whilst remaining compliant with FCA regulations.

Misah Maragh / MVF

“Resolution Compliance’s support to us as an Appointed Representative has been invaluable.”

Andy Gardener / Property Moose

“Thistle and its FCA principal firm Resolution Compliance Ltd have continuously provided an excellent service to us as an Appointed Representative, and also throughout the FCA Application process.”

Karen Workman / Share Credit

“Resolution were very professional and supportive in both the initial process of becoming an Appointed Representative and in their guidance to becoming fully authorised. They have a strong team with a wealth of experience and helped us make sense of a seemly challenging process.”

Harry Franks / Zego


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